Everyone has the capacity to innovate sparked by the action of their daily roles.
“When we focus on the magic more than the role then the ego gets bloated and the magic will go.”

Since observing a blanket wide re-invigoration and recognition of innovators, a retrospective view provided insight that would otherwise have been inconceivable…

..Whilst feelings of excitement and eagerness to help imbued those appointed, undoubtedly a concentrated focus was a valuable reminder to embrace positive change or re-evaluate processes. However, would continuity of this devoted force ultimately spawn a hierarchy of self-righteous do-gooders? How would such a group be perceived at the coalface and who would manage the life-cycle of change to sustain healthy development ensuring effective and efficient outcomes? Would increased commitment to this role impact other core job responsibilities or drain resource elsewhere?

These questions or observations rattle around because I believe that given opportunities, encouragement and support in ones role, positive results can be obtained through healthy co-operative relationships. Innovation and quality improvement would form as a bonus resulting from this action.